Forms! So much for a paperless office...

We've made it our mission to streamline as many processes as possible. The easier it is for our clients to relay information to us, the faster we can act to try to successfully complete that task.

These forms should ensure the information provided to us is as complete as possible, and should eliminate the delays inevitably faced in back and forth communications.

Pets Everyone loves animals, but you need approval to keep one in most strata buildings.

Download and complete this form, then submit to your strata manager to start the process.

Renovations Renovating your abode can be fun, but in a strata block it can be tricky.

Download, read, complete and submit this form to your strata manager if you wish to undertake any renovations.

Levies Paper clutters up your life, so why not have your levy notice emailed to you?

Complete and return this form to get started.

Contact Details Recently moved or changed address?

Complete and return this form to ensure we have your up-to-date information on file.

Insurance Documentation

Do you need a PDS or FSG for your building's common property insurer? Well we've got them all in one place.