A Little Bit of History

O'Neill Strata Management was established by John & Arlene O'Neill in 1995, starting out in the dining room of their Bondi Beach home. After a few weeks, O'Neill Strata Management was employed by their very first client - a block of 12 in Potts Point.

As with any new company, business was a little slow. It took another two months before the 2nd client would come aboard. As the business expanded, available space began to shrink; computers in the dining room, filing cabinets in the kitchen, meetings in the lounge room, and fax machines in the kids' bedrooms.

Since then, O'Neill Strata Management has continued its trend of sustained growth and their great reputation has continued to soar. In 2001 the Bondi home/office was replaced with a bigger office in Woollahra which, in 2016, was then replaced with an even larger office in Bondi Junction.

Unfortunately 2007 saw the sad passing of Arlene O'Neill. She was an integral part of the company, and was liked by all the staff, clients and contractors. She has been, and forever will be sorely missed by all.

However life, as they say, must go on and, now with a total of fourteen employees and pushing 350 clients, O'Neill Strata Management has become a popular choice among Owners Corporations and Company Title buildings in the Eastern Suburbs and beyond.